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Absolut Botanic bottle explosion

Hi there,

I am extremely upset to inform you that a bottle of your Botanic premix that I had purchased as part of a 4 pack spontaneously exploded for no apparent reason whilst sitting in my lounge room of my house earlier this week.

The drinks were at room temperature on a very mild day and were placed nowhere near direct sunlight. They had not experienced any change in environment nor had been shaken or dropped or anything that I believe would provide a valid explanation for one of the bottles to spontaneously explode and shatter shards of glass along with the now wasted beverage all throughout my living room. It was extremely frightening and very dangerous. I am wondering what would have been the outcome had someone been holding the bottle in their hand or be situated in a position where the glass could have caused significant injury?

Absolut Botanik is one of my favourite alcoholic drinks ever and I am just so incredibly disappointed that this has happened.

I am wondering if you are able to provide any kind of explanation for this or whether it is an issue that has been encountered by others in the past?

Many thanks and looking forward to your response,

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  • Hi Erica
    We are so sorry to hear about your experience. I will not be able to tell you why that happen to your bottle, but we are relieved to hear that you are okay after the circumstances. Please tell us where you live so we can we can have our local team to contact you. 
    All the best;
    Louise Community Manager
  • Hi Magdalena, 
    Thank you very much for following this up. 
    I live in Melbourne, Australia and will be very pleased to hear from the appropriate team. 
  • Hi Erica

    I have now forwarded you details to out Botanik team. They will contact you via mail.

    All the best,
    Louise Community Manager
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