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Absolut Elyx : 4.5L Bottle : Broken Seal / Query regarding fill level.

I am based in the UK.  I recently purchased a 4.5L Bottle of Absolut Elyx from a Supplier in Germany (as I could not locate any retailers in the UK) as a gift (we are huge fans of your Vodka).  The Bottle arrived last week and I was concerned to find that the Copper Strip on the Bottle was Broken!  The fill level was also slightly lower than I anticipated.  I contacted the Retailer and they informed me the Seal was fine when they shipped the Item and the Fill Level on the bottle is always below the Neck Line.  As I have absolutely no way of verifying this (I have only purchased Standard/1 Litre bottles of Absolut Elyx before) please could somebody at Absolut contact me with advise?  I have not opened the bottle yet (although I feel somebody has opened it) and I feel slightly uneasy about drinking the Vodka now.  What if it has been tampered with?  The Retailer will not accept any responsibility.  I am surprised that a Bottle of this size (and price) is not sealed more efficiently to protect the contents, and the consumer.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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