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Absolut India

Disappointing to see that Absolut India is available for sale without any sort of announcement or photos posted on social media nor your site... or for that matter, any of your newsletters that I subscribe to. I see a slight disconnect in keeping your fans up-to-date with the latest product announcements, I know you can do better than that 😉

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  • For that reason Jesper just mention i want a bottle shipped to Mexico City i will pay for the bottle.

  • Nach, you know as well as I do that TAC doesn't sell directly to consumers. Anyhow, I would like to hear from them why there's been no announcement? I mean, the competition was all over social media, and the winning design was selected last year... not even that is mentioned 🙁

  • Mango and pepper... Where have I heard that before... Oh, yeah. Absolut New Orleans! I was hoping you would bring it back. Don't know why you changed the packaging, though.

  • Hi Jimm and Jesper,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. I will make sure to share this with the team.

    We do announce information and details on our Facebook/Twitter page, Instagram and on our website.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Hi Team,

    I have been trying to look for the Absolut India limited edition at various places in New Delhi, India. Could you please help me out and tell me where I can get this. I really would love to have this classic piece in my collection.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Sagar Sood
  • Hi Sagar,

    Thank you for your interest in Absolut.

    Kindly get in touch with our team in India - they will be able to assist you further on where to locate our products.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • @Jake -- there is still no information on Absolut India on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram nor website/press release sections... and now we're three months into the launch 🙁

  • ... and the "contact us" link on does not work. Can you provide an alternative way to contact them? Thanks.

  • I'm also disappointed with the lack of marketing when new flavours and limited editions are launched... I'm a big collector in South Africa (where we get VERY few editions) and I rely on travelling friends to bring me bottles.
    How do I stay informed??

    Bjarne Henriksen
  • Hi,

    Thank you for raising your concerns. Absolut do not promote limited editions in countries in which the products are not available. There are however, collector forums and groups where information is continuously provided.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Will Absolout India be available in Australia?

  • The India team has no valid contact details. And there is no way to reach them either. Please suggest an alternative for the same!

    Sagar Sood
  • Hi Andy,

    I have requested for further information about your enquiry. I will get back to you shortly.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Hey, can you please help us with the marketing contact at Absolut India?

  • Hi Karan,

    Thank you for your message. Please contact our team directly via the contacts provided on the link below:

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • It's a dead link as mentioned before.


    This link isn't working can you give us the alternate link to reach Absolut India

    Johnson Toppo
  • Hi Johnson,

    I will get back to you asap with a solution.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Where can I buy this?

    Kishore Amruth
  • Jake,

    We're all really eager to get our hands on this limited edition and I believe a newspaper ad campaign has begun for this.

    Please let us know when and where we'll be able to buy this!

  • isn't working... how do we contact Absolut India? Come on guys, is anyone monitoring this forum?!

  • Yep. The folks over there seem to be taking it easy. I'm seeing the message "Please try later..."!!

    Please us let us know if the India edition will be widely distributed or at least the outlets in major cities where it'll be made available.

  • You can buy Absolut India at Doha Airport.

  • Thanks Anita!

    Jake D
  • I'm really happy for the people living or transiting through Doha but what about us?!

    I hope your recent print ads mean that the India edition will be widely distributed here?

  • Hi Rahul,

    I will get back to you shortly on further information on where to buy Absolut India.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Awaiting Reply since ages now. None of the social media handles are active either.

    It's a pure waste of time guys.

    Sagar Sood
  • Perhaps we should ask where we can buy the Absolut India Music CDs. Get it?

  • I got the following reply from Pernod Ricard in India on Instagram -- "Absolut India is available at all leading stores across the country except Kerala and Tamil Nadu." Well, that's a pretty generalized reply, considering that it doesn't tell us where... and we know it's not readily available everywhere.

    I just wish the moderators here would answer questions rather than having to look elsewhere. What's the point of this help forum if no one is proactively engaged?

  • Found it at Phuket airport today.

    Stefan Moberg
  • I bought mine on Flight Jet airways. Would like to know which shop I can buy it in.

  • What's going on! Just saw this & why a vodka bottle carrying a country name? about time they stop sellin this.

  • Why do you say that? It's a beautiful bottle... Absolut has several city editions, great for collectors and fans.

  • Is there anybody from your marketing team i can get in touch for an event in Goa.
    I have been trying to reach your guys and your agency from past 2 months for an indian limited version promotion of absolut.
    Kindly share some number.

  • Hi Ankita,

    Thank you for your message and interest in Absolut.

    We are currently not exploring any sponsorship opportunities. However, please find the email address for our team in in India:

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Is this product available in Australia? If not, how do I obtain it?

  • Hi Gretel,

    Thank you for your interest in Absolut.

    Please get in touch with our team in Australia directly via the link provided below:

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Jake -- it took you almost 3 weeks to reply to Gretel??? At least you could have provided an answer rather than just send a link for us to go elsewhere for a simple question. Is this how you prioritize customers? Thumbs down!!!!

    Fredrik Sorensen
  • From my knowledge and network of people who buy Absolut, Absolut India is available in airports in New Delhi (and some other parts of India), Bangkok and Singapore.

    Patrick Terence Lim
  • Thanks Pat! However, you're probably aware that it's generally available in the International Duty Free shopping area of the airports. Needless to say, I don't think many would be able to buy a flight ticket to buy a special vodka, let alone an International ticket.

    Strange thing is, they have launched it in India with official launch parties in New Delhi and Chandigarh. But hardly anyone seems to be able to find it in retail stores.

    Someone told me that it's available at Cyber Wines on Lavelle Road in Bangalore. I haven't been able to check it out myself but thought I'd put this out there, if someone can check it out.

  • Hello, please help me, to find ABSOLUT INDIA! or me be other special editions thank you!!!

    Juan Manuel Rodriguez
  • Hi Juan,

    Thank you for your interest in Absolut. I would recommend getting in touch with our team in India - they will be able to guide you on where to buy Absolut India. Please find the contact below:

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Bought 8 bottles today from Chandigarh.. Sector 9D, behind Nik Bakers, at the liquor store right next to the Backpackers cafe.. They have tonnes more.. Good luck guys ! Cheers !

    Anshul B
  • Great tip Anshul... Absolut, take note... this is the type of answer we need (instead of just asking us to contact someone else).

    Fredrik Sorensen
  • Hi i am Rohit from India Mumbai -
    I have a photograph for an Absolut Indian Summer, how should send this photograph or reach this photograph on Absolut.
    As i have click this through my phone. its very interesting to see this Photography.
    Help me out...

    Rohit Shirke
  • Hi i am Rohit from India Mumbai -
    I have a photograph for an Absolut Indian Summer, how should send this photograph or reach this photograph on Absolut.
    As i have click this through my phone. its very interesting to see this Photography.
    Help me out...

    Attached file:

    Rohit Shirke
  • Hi Rohit,

    Please get in touch with Kunal via


    Jake D
  • I can confirm that Absolut India is available at the Duty Free shopping section of the Bangalore International Airport. A colleague of mine picked it up on the way back from an international trip. He bought a 1 liter bottle for around $26.

    We had a party to celebrate the end of our long hunt for this variant and everyone loved the flavour!

    In continuation to my post that its available at Cyber Wines on Lavelle Road, Bangalore, I inquired at the shop and the shopkeeper instantly recognized the variant and said that he would be able to get it the next day or even the same day if requested in the morning.

    And another tip for the Bangaloreans, a friend said that he saw 2 liquor stores on Kanakpura Road near KSIT Engineering College, which had prominent adverts for Absolut India. Unfortunately, he couldn't find out about the availability from the shop. I hope all this was useful and your quest ends in sweet Mango & Pepper!

  • I have now started collecting liquor bottles and my first bottle to add in my collection was absolut vodka India limited edition..
    It's a good one..!

    Omkar Mhatre
  • Is Absolut Vodka made in India too?
    Are there any distilleries in India for Absolut Vodka?

  • Hi

    Thank you for reaching out. All Absolut Vodka is made in Sweden, in a small town called Åhus. That is the only distillery.

    Hope that information was helpful,

    Louise Community Manager
  • Jake... from reading your responses and the time taken to reply, I really hope you've been fired by now! As a representative of TAC and the Absolut brand, you've failed... completely!

    Bjarne Henriksen
  • Hi Bjarne

    Is there anything I can do for you? Did you have a question that was not replied? Sorry for the delay and please ask again.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • I live in Australia and want to get a bottle of the absolute India.

    How can i get this?

  • Hi Dave

    Please contact local team for further advise via

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • Hi 
    Can I please get the contact of someone who's responsible for sponsorship?
    Thank you
    Shruti Chakraborty
  • Hello,

    I am appealing to you, on behalf of an Indian artist, Indranil BanerjeeThis 42-year old artist, is one of the most talented non-figurative abstract artists of the twenty-first century India. After passing B.V.A from the Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata, India, he has participated in many solo and group painting exhibitions. He added the feather of being the “Artist of the month” to his success cap through the solo exhibition as the first amateur artist in Max Mueller Bhavan – Goethe Institute Kolkata (2000). He had also participated as a Guest Lecturer/ Demonstrator/ Painter in IAS training Camp in 1998.  

    A review on his artwork published in a leading newspaper of India, The Telegraph, dated 27 October 2000:

    "Indranil Banerjee’s current exposition at the Max Mueller Bhavan bears out the young

    painter’s ability to transcribe the latent suggestions of unpremeditated, germinal

    delineations with lines and colors. Not that his manner of picturisation is surrealistic in the

    sense of arising from the Jungian subconscious. Nor is it the culmination of a stream of

    creative consciousness a la Kandinsky. Quite a few of Banerjee’s compositions are gestural

    and reflective of a primordial animal force, although they do not speak of fanciful pleasure

    trips to the realm of primitivism. Yet, efforts at classification apart, this first solo exhibition

    of the painter does bear the imprint of a contemporary aesthetic temper, ably projected on

    the canvas." 

    Though the critics were all with praise about his form of art, the paintings sold a little. In a third world country like India, art is an indulgence which only the rich can afford. Many artists lose the zeal and enthusiasm for art, due to lack of proper financial support. We are trying to find such talents and try to find sponsors for them, as we think it is our social responsibility to ensure that creative talents should not go wasted. India is a country where everything including art is also politicised. Many talented artists are deprived from showcasing their talents and artwork due to this. However, art is a field where one should impartially appreciate art for the sake of art only. 

    Painters and artists form an integral part of the society. But, unfortunately there is proper lack of recognition in India. We seek to promote such artists so that they can feel inspired. 

    Indranil Banerjee is one such talent, who continues with his creations with strong determination. Presently, he works as freelancer with some organizations to meet his family needs. But, he has not give up his passion to paint and continues to do so, in spite of all financial hurdles. On meeting him, he told that he cannot even apply to any gallery for exhibition because he is unable to afford the shipping charges even. 

    We would like you to be compassionate and seek sponsors for this talented artist. Kindly go through his paintings and review the scope of sponsoring him. Your effort would enhance the talent in the field of art and encourage youths of the third world countries to make a career in painting, by making it inspirational. Kindly give Indranil Banerjee an opportunity he would not have had otherwise. An opportunity to let his paintings be known to the world of art admirers. 

    So, on his behalf, I apply to you to kindly arrange for some sponsors and exhibit his artwork at your esteemed gallery. Talent like this should not let be go wasted. Kindly see if the paintings can be shipped and exhibited, through a kind sponsorship. 

    I could not find any contact details for sponsorship, so appealed here. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

    Waiting for a positive response,

    Thanks and regards,

    Adrika Creations
  • May I know where is this ABSOLUT INDIA bottle available at Kolkata ? Or do they have it at Kolkata airport international duty free?
    An Banerjee
  • Absolut promotion
    Rajaleksmi .Rajagopalan
  • Absolute promotion
    Rajaleksmi .Rajagopalan
  • Hi all

    Thank you for reaching out. As we handle all these questions locally I kindly suggest you to contact local team of India directly via link: .

    Both regarding sponsorships and products available in India.
    India -

    Thanks again.
    Louise Community Manager
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