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Absolute Vodka true or false?

Im hearing on Social Media that you support and encourage Bull Fighting with your product being associated with this cruel and barbaric 'sport' please tell me that this is untrue and could you make a statement?

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  • Hi Angus

    As far as I know this is false. Bullfighting events is nothing we support or aim to collaborate with. Could you please share with me where and when this collaboration might have taken place so that I can investigate further.


    Louise Community Manager
  • To Whom It May Concern,

    On our return trip to Canada after spending 2 weeks in jamaica, we purchased a bottle of Absolut Raspberry at the Montego Bay Duty Free store in the Montego Bay/Sangster International Airport.

    As we entered Canada and went through security, the agent ACSTA agent noticed the bag was wet. Upon closer examination she noticed the cap didn't appear to be screwed on properly, almost as if it had been twisted on improperly via the factory as the seal was intact.

    Luckily after a few minutes of confirming the bottle was purchased upon departure from MBJ Airport as evidenced from the receipt and that we at no time had possession of the bottle until we disembarked from the flight, we were able to keep the bottle. I suppose in hindsight it made sense she wanted to confiscate it as we were about to board another flight to get home to St. John's, NL (YYT).

    My concern is whether or not or bottle and its content may have been spoiled after being exposed for who knows how long to the outside environment. We have not opened it and have left it sealed exactly as the ACSTA sealed it.

    I've taken the liberty to attach a few pictures of the bottle in question along with the official ACSTA tape as added proof that I am a legitimate customer and not just someone looking for a freebie by complaining.

    Obviously I am hesitant to consume this vodka as I have no idea if it's still any good. We understand and value the name of Absolut Vodka in all their different flavours which is why we chose Absolut Vodka over a premium Jamaican Rum while at the Duty Free shop. I can assure you this will in no way impact our decision to buy Absolut in the future as we really enjoy all Absolut products.

    If you could please advise me on what to do in regards to this issue, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you in advance.



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    Luc K. Levesque
  • Hi Luc

    We are sorry to hear about you experience, thank you for reaching out. First of all It would be almost impossible for a bottle to leave the factory with any defect and all of bottles should have a plastic cover over the cap when sold. (By the photos attached that is hard to tell.) The plastic wrap should then also have a LOT code number that matches the code under the bottle to confirm its not fake.

    Please check does things before drinking. And I kindly suggest you to contact local team for further advise.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
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