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Absolutely wrong commercial.

Please check what your korean agency is doing on its facebook. It used the photo of Millions of Koreans protest against president park only to promote commercial (alcohol) brand. The protest ongoing now is a symbol of brave and responsible civilians living in this country. People there endure cold, tiresome and indifference from others to make things right. Not to be used as commercial tools without concession. It is such a humiliating commercial and deeply hurt people out there. Absolutely wrong. I won't purchase any products from this brand and will never hesitate to stop people from spending money for this brand.


  • Hi Jhc

    Thank you for reaching out. The post made on the brand’s local facebook-page addresses something, which is currently high on many Korean’s mind. And in line with its history of commenting on social events, the brand locally commented on an important event that has united many, and that may change the future of the country.

    By nature, social media generate engagement, whether positive or negative. We are aware and respectful of this fact. As far as this post is concerned, a large majority of followers have reacted positively.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • I was talking about commercial activity for certain brand, not a healthy debate made by civilian using social media. Social media is a tool for free debate, but not to be used for certain commercial brand to distort big social change only to promote its brand image, while it does not care about the real people and movement at all. If you really think the reaction was positive just google it in korean, i just did and first 20 articles are negative and some even point 'no response' from absolute despite of complaints. It won't take much time to translate just the titles. Just google 'absolute commercial' (앱솔루트 광고) and you will see how people outside of your own brand page are actually reacting. Thank you for the reply and I hope you can reach out your potential customers in korea as well.

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