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all the sizes?

Hi all, can anyone tell me all the bottle sizes that are available for Absolut Blue vodka - I have 50ml, 200ml, 350ml, 500ml, 700ml, 1 litre, 1.75 litre and 4.5 litre - am I missing any please? If I am missing any, please suggest where I can buy them from. I live in Cyprus and availability isnt great here. many thanks.


  • Dear Bev,

    The bottles that you mention are the ones that we currently have in production. We have in the past also had 375ml, 750ml, 1,14L and 1,5L. These bottles are very difficult to get a hold of as they are no longer in production.

    All the best


    Martin V
  • Guess I better hold onto my 750ml bottle! Could be worth something one day! 😀

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