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bottle pour

Having trouble with last couple of 1.75 litre bottles i bought , pouring problem , comes out freely now, not an even pout , been buying this product for over 20 years , 1 a week at least , and never had this happen , if im not paying attention it pours out alot and spills over glass, did they change the neck of the bottle ..insert /  ?   thanks, Nick
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  • Hi Nick

    Thank you for writing to us. I understand your problem and to answer your question: In some countries we have the plastic pourer and in some countries we dont. Could that be your case maybe? That your bottles have been bought in different markets?  

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
  • no, same place Chester New Jersey  U.S.A.    95 % of the time same store  ? shop rite liquors ?

    Nick Venito
  • I too have the same issue, I've been buying mine from the same LCBO store in Canada for years and just recently noticed the last few bottles have it removed and some haven't. Is this a quality issue missed during production? If it intentional cost reduction stop penny pinching your customers because I will find an other Vodka producer that isn't. I have spilt at least .5 oz on every drink and I'm not happy.
  • I am having the same problem with there has been no plastic pouring piece in the last two bottles we buy at least one or two a week the large bottle 29.99 per bottle,,,,,,didnt notice again and lost a good amount on counter why cant they put that in all the bottles?  Not liking the fact i am loosing some.....thank you
    Kristi Llera
  • Same problem as mentioned with no plastic insert. I have been buying the product in the Denver Metro area for more than 20 years and the change in the bottle just happened a few months ago.
    Rick Lampert
  • I​The last two times I purchased a 750lm From the same Binny's, the plastics pourer was missing. Have bought 750lm before from the same store and the plastic pourer was in the bottle - what gives I want the plastic pourer.​​​
    John Salvato
  • We in America have always had the plastic insert. He is not alone! I did the same thing! I am sooo accustomed to that pourer It was like having a bar type measurer built in! Truly miss it!
  • Hi there:  We also came to this sight to find out why you have taken the plastic pourer OUT of the bottles?  We have always had them in the past and now we don't seem to get them anymore.  And we have always purchased the 1.75 little bottles at the same location forever!
    Troy & Shelia Hunter
  • I buy in USA for years and years and there has always been a pour guide until the past couple of months.....hate not having this feature.....will change brands if necessary!  no need for the "free pour".....
  • Been Drinking Absolute for forever. 30-50 years.
    The plastic pourer has Always been there.
    This past Month the pourer disappeared and is causing me to Drink More.
    The 1.75 liter used to last mea week.
    Not Anymore
    Sheldon Bernstein
  • I am an absolute vodka only drinker and have had many bottles over the years. But all of a sudden the last 4-5 bottles randomly don't have the plastic pourer. I have always purchased from the same stores in Philadelphia, Pa USA. The liquor comes out way to fast with out the pourer and it has been spilling out.
    Michael Belli
  • In the past couple of months I have found that the plastic pourer has been missing from my 1.75 liter bottles of Absolut. Although it is not a huge issue it is certainly very inconvenient. All the bottles were bought in Connecticut USA. Is this a new cost saving measure? If it is , it's very sad, if it is a manufacturer's error, then please fix it
    Hugh Anderson
  • what countries do you not put pourer in the bottles. I have been buying Absolut from the same store for 5 years the last two times they did not have a pourer in them.
    Larry Chatman
  • I live in the USA and was getting the plastic pourer in my 1.75 liter bottles and now they have stopped is this the norm and if so do you offer a pour spout to purchase so it doesn't come out as freely.

    Jerry T
  • I bought five 1.5 litre bottles from the same distributor "Binney"s.  3 bottles were missing the slow pour and two had the slow pour.   I asked manager and he said he did not know why because all bottles come sealed.  The bar code on the last bottle that did not have the slow pour was 8 3522900060  5.

    Sharon Chudzik
  • I have the same problem.   Bought 5 1.5 litre bottles from same distributor "Binney's."  3 bottles did not have the slow pour, 2 did.   The last one I bought w/o the slow pour the bar code was 8 3522900060 5  
    Sharon Chudzik
  • I have also had the same problem.  The bottles used to have a plastic pourer.  it really makes a mess plus I pour way too much.  I live in the Pennsylvania in the US.  Some states have it and some don't. I've noticed that some states have the plastic pourer and some don't.
    Jonathan P
  • Hi I buy Absolut for my bar has the bottle changed as for months I've been decanting bottles into a older bottle,The new bottle doesn't fit the optic.
    James Glennie
  • Good Day,
    I drink a significant amount of your product and every bottle every time has a plastic pour insert. This has been the case for 3 years in the USA in the same stores.
    I just purchased 4 cases of the 1.75 bottles and have pre opened 3 different bottles in 3 different cases and the pour spout is not there.
    This appears to be an attempt to save .02 cents per bottle on your cost and is appalling. I pay top dollar for top shelf product and you do this to the customer, wow. Why not move to Plastic bottles, that may make you even more money.
    I will have to check if Stoly, has the spout and move away from your product.
    I know this sounds trivial to you, but my adult beverage is the same, 5 count of your product, followed by my mix, perfect every time. Now I must go find a pour spout to interchange everytime I open a new bottle.
    100% unacceptable.

    Richard G
  • I have been purchasing your Vodka for decades!  I am having the same problem no pour insert!!  I live in the Chicago area and purchase your product at the same store.  The last three bottles have not had a pour inserts.  This has taken place in the last month.  Just opened a bottle today without the insert.  If you continue this practice I will be purchasing another brand!!
    James Eichberger
  • Same problem here in Ohio, no more plastic strainer in the 1.75 litre bottles. Much harder to pour, very inconvenient, and can't be saving much by eliminating it.
    Doug Beasley
  • Some 1.75 liter bottles have the plastic piece and others don't so I'm saving them. I've bought all in KY. Has the bottling process changed?

  • I'll try for 3rd time. Plastic pourers are missing half the time when I buy 1.75 liter bottles in Kentucky. Any reason why?
    Sarah Fuller
  • I have the same problem with the suddenly missing pour device. It has always been there in the past - what is happening? Titos still has the pour device.
  • I have enjoyed the absolute 1.75 L bottles and like the plastic pour spoutsLast few bottles it's missing?
    Something change or just missing?Talked to the local store and he said to let you know since it is an issue with many clients
    David Pierce
  • I’ve purchased your large size bottle at one store and they do not have the inside plastic in the neck of the bottle to control the pour, but every other store I have purchased your product always has had that in the bottle.  I am in Maryland and am concerned that the one store is not selling the true product.  Never have a seen one of your larger bottles without that plastic piece.  ?
    Darlene Lohff
  • I have been buying Absolute for years and just over the last few months have noticed you no longer are using the plastic pourer. Why did you remove it? I would like to see it put back. Makes it easier to regulate the pour.
    Tina Erb
  • I completely understand!!  I have been buying the 1.75 liter bottle of Absolut Vodka for more than 30 years, there was always a pourer. This is a serious inconvenience! I have always bought my Vodka in USA, in fact... the same Liquor Store for 25 years, with no situation until recently.          
    Thanking you in advance.
    Jeanna Nantz
  • Hi All

    Thank you for writing to us. We’ve recently experienced some shortage at our supplier of the pourer hence some production have had to be done without the pourer. We do have the pourer in stock now, hence it will come back soon. How soon it will be back in your specific store we can’t answer but hopefully it will be soon enough.

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
  • Thank you for responding back , appreciate ..have a good day.

    Nick Venito
  • This is really upsetting!  We have been customers for decades and now I feel like changing brands.  Is there no way to obtain one of these pourers?  We just bought a new bottle (thinking that the half-empty one we already had was a fluke) -- but once again, no pourer!  Could you mail one to me?
    Hilda Gabriel
  • Same situation here. I've been drinking Absolut forever and always bought the 1.75 l bottle. Beginning 3-4 months ago the pour spouts were missing. I must've poured at least a quart overall as I would make drinks since I was so used to having the spouts in place!! Initially I figured a glitch on the production line. However, each new bottle proved it was no longer going to be in place!  I finally hacked a pourer from an empty bottle of my husband's VO. then one day he comes home triumphant as he found an old Absolut Citron bottle in our other condo!! I've made sure to save it and switch it to each new bottle I buy!! BRING BACK THE POUR SPOUTS!! Tell the bean counters that saving .05 cents per bottle isn't a wise move as you're losing faithful customers!!!!!!
    Cherry Lane
  • About time, I too have been drinking Absolut Citron Vodka for 30 some years.  Hate the way it pours now.  Please insert the proper pourer otherwise I'm gong to switch.  From Pippy
  • Hi all

    Thank you for writing to us and sorry for the inconvenience. Your feedback is important to us and as mentioned above, we’ve recently experienced some shortage at our supplier of the pourer hence some production have had to be done without the pourer.

    But, we do have the pourer in stock now, hence it will come back soon. How soon it will be back in your specific store we can’t answer but hopefully it will be soon enough.

    Best regards

    Louise Community Manager
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