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Brand Ambassador

Hello, My name is Darryl Padgett, and I own Lit Ass Wings. A catering company based out of Atlanta, GA that offers alcohol infused wings. I just wanted to email you guys because I am looking for Brand Ambassador opportunities for my business.
What we pretty much do at Lit Ass WIngs is mix chicken wings with top brand alcohol's. It may sound crazy until you try it. We already have a Hennesy BBQ, Sweet Chilli Patron, and Crown Royal Applewood BBQ. In the past my comapny has done events with Vh1's Black Ink, Clark Atlanta University, and many other local events in the Atlanta area. I also have a very high profile clientele, from Interscope Records to 50 Cent. I actually have a event coming up with 50 Cent May 3rd that will feature his Effen Vodak Brand.

We are looking to come up with an offical wing for Absolut Vodka that can also be catered at any events you may have in thre future. If you like the Idea please contact me back via email or by phone at 404-563-9294. Also feel free to check us out on Instagram @lit_ass_wings

Thank You,

Darryl Padgett
Owner of Lit Ass Wings
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