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Brazilian Pedophilian art and Absolut Brazil support on it


Currently, Absolut has started a campaing that can be seeing in "".  According to it´s information, "art resists, the world progress".
Well, I´m not sure if you are well aware about the current situation in Brazil. Recently, an Museum showed up a "performance" were a naked adult male just laied down and a child (probably 5 years old) started to touch his naked body.

Is it something Absolut brand support? It´s not about art (if adults want to touch each other, this is their problem, but do not involve kids on it).
Youir brand is anwering people in Brazilian facebook saying that this marketing campaing has nothing to do with those recent events. If this is true, your Brazilian Marketing department has the worst timing in history.

Read me well - we will not TOLERATE our children to be part of any political or ideology strategy. We demand a public explanation about this fact. If your brand do not support Pedophilia, you need to create a Marketing campaign showing your position.

Just remember something - the price of an Absolut Bottle in Brazil is afoorded only by the middle class, and we are exactly who are more angry about it all - the leaders of the leftist (pedophilia supporters) are very rich and drink other more expensive brands. The usefull idots (major part of the people, without formal education) who is bought by the leftist leaders do not have money to buy one single bottle per year.

You are basicaly messing up with the only part of Brazilian population who has money to buy your product.
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