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cardboard boxes

Dear absolut team,

I got a huge collection of limited absolut bottles. Know I have to move into a new appartment and I‘m looking for cardboard boxes to put my precious bottles into. I got a couple but I need more. Is there any chance to get/buy some from your homepage? Or where could I find them?

Please help a huge absolut supporter with this problem.

Kind regards


  • Hi Enzo

    Thank you for reaching out. We do not sell any merchandise or boxes at out website, but you could reach out to your local bar to see if they could help you.

    Take good care of your collection.

    Louise Community Manager
  • Absolut's doesn't deals in cardboard sales. As louise has said. I have to say i am very much impressed by Louise's work and engagement in this forum and she is a real helper and trouble solver. I wish i could have someone like her for my assignment help service customer care. Louise if you are interested in it, let me know 😀
    Ember moon
  • Wow, Kind words Ember! I´ll get in touch if I by any reason would be looking for new job adventures any time soon.

    Have a great day!

    Louise Community Manager
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