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Competition Web Site Problem

Hello, Your offcial rules clearly state the competition ends 23:59 CET 1/31/19 - but the web site currently says the competition is closed. We've been working tirelessly on our submission and would like to know how we can submit before 23:59 CET 1/31/19 now that the portal on the web site is no longer active.

This official link clearly says 23:59 January 31st 2019

Sending this email at 00:35 CET January 31st 2019

Thank you for letting us know AND/OR making the entry form active again.


  • Hi, thank you for reaching out. It might be a lot of people trying to upload at the same time. It is still about 10h left and we just tested all sites just to be sure, its working. 😀 Please try again.

    Best of luck
    Louise Community Manager
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