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Customised bottle

Hi there,
My name is isabell and I'm from Germany. This question is about my brother because he's a massive collector of your absolut vodka bottles. He is a proud owner of more than 50 different bottles of your company. He is especially interested the special editions since he is always on the lookout for those. All his friends and out family get him new bottles as presents or gifts when they were on trips to different places. I really want to do something special for his birthday in November, I was wondering if there's any way of getting my hands on a customised bottle, maybe with his name on it? I'm not sure if that's possible so I just figured I would ask. Having a individual bottle in his collection would probably make his year. Also is there any chance of getting stickers in the font you use in hin name? 
It would really be something special so please let me know if there's any way to make this happening.
Thanks so much and have a good day!
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  • Hi Isabell

    And thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately we cant help you on this one. I suggest you to contact local team in Germany for one extra try to get your hands on a limited edition/unique bottle. 

    Best regards and happy bday to your brother!
    Louise Community Manager
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