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Dimensions of bottles

Does anyone know what the dimensions of the different bottle sizes are?

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  • Hi Charmaine,

    Thank you for your interest in Absolut.

    We have 12 different sizes:

    1 L
    1.14 L
    1.5 L
    1.75 L
    4.5 L

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • What is the circumference of the 750 ml bottle, the height, etc? Threading? All exact dimensions. That would be great.

  • Hi AJ,

    Thank you for your interest in Absolut.

    I will get back to you shortly with the dimensions of the 750 ml bottle.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Hi,
    Was this question ever answered? Would love to know the dimensions of the 750ml as well!

  • Hi Martha,

    I will follow up on this.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Hi Jake,

    Thanks! I'm really just looking for circumference, overall height, and neck height/circumference.


  • Hello,
    Could you tell me what size coupling i need to turn an Absolut bottle into a tiki torch.

    Or just the size of the bottle neck.

    Deedra Funk
  • Hi Deedra

    Thank you for reaching out. Let me get back to you as soon as I have the right numbers.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • What is the diameter of a 1.75L and a1.5L?

  • Hi Greg

    Unfortunately we can not share any numbers, but I kindly suggest you to maybe find a bottle and measure it out on your own.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
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  • What are the regular size of an absoluut vodka bottle ? the length and width?
  • Hi Sophy

    We cant share that information Im afraid, its confidential. Sorry for not being able to help you any further. A suggestion would maybe be to measure it on your own? Hope that will work for you. 😀

    Best of luck,
    Louise Community Manager
  • Lol confidential? You realize anybody can measure a bottle right? If they wanted to go to a store and measure, they wouldn't be asking the question to you online. Way to make your customers' lives easier Absolut
  • Hi Adrian

    You are welcome to measure the bottle, and as you say - any one can do it. But because of different reasons I cant provide you with the exact measures of the bottle. Its a company secret ;) 

    Hope for your understanding.

    Kind regards,
    Louise Community Manager
  • I just had an excellent time reading this conversation that spanned over two years and it turns out Jake D never got back to anyone!

    Shit bloke
  • Bottom line:  1.75 ml with indented hand grip actually holds 1 shot more than the straight bottle, as measured in my kitchen lab.  Stop cheating, give full measure.
    Jack Malone
  • simoniej
  • hi

    i am looking for the diameter of the different Absolut bottles.

    thank you for your help

    best regards

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