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I have drank Absolut vodka for 20 years and ALWAYS put it in the freezer before drinking.
Today is the first time it has frozen, I worry about the quality of my batch....
For the record, I haven't changed refrigerator or setting and the only factor could be the quality of the liquid.. ?
Please reassure me?

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  • Hi Duncan

    The recipe or the quality should not be changed but I will forward your feedback.

    All 80 proof vodka freezes at a temperature of -24 degrees Celsius (-11,2 degrees Fahrenheit). Sometimes the freezer is a little bit colder than this or the bottle is placed close to a freezer element and it may actually freeze. It is still the same quality when it has melted, just shake the bottle gently!

    We don't recommend that you drink the vodka very ice-cold. The perfect serving temperature is aprox 5-8 C.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
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