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Gostaria de me torna Distribuidor Vodka Absolut

Gostaria de torna fornedo da Vodka Absolut   faço Como?
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  • Hi Robson

    How can we help you?
    Louise Community Manager
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    Maisie Acton
  • Dear sirs. I'm writing from Israel. I bought two bottles of your vodka in volume of 1 liter. On the neck of each bottle there is a number and time. But on each of the bottle the number is the same. here is this number: L20141210. The time now is 10:48 AM. At the bottom of the bottle, the number does not repeat. Q: Is this your product? Sincerely. Anatoly Levin.
    Anatoly Levin
  • Дорогие Господа. Я пишу из Израиля. Я купил две бутылки вашей водки объемом 1 литр. На шее каждой бутылки есть число и время. Но на каждой бутылке номер один и тот же. вот этот номер: L20141210. Время: 6:53. В нижней части бутылки номер не повторяется. В: Это ваш продукт? С уважением. Анатолий Левин.
    Anatoly Levin
  • Bom dia ! Como vcs não permitem outra forma de comunicação, estou deixando aqui o meu repúdio em vcs apoiarem a "arte" do homem nu x criança. Estou no supermercado e vou comprar a bebida do seu CONCORRENTE ... pois há um bem muito maior : O bem familiar que vc acabam por desprezar .. e comigo miuitas outras pessoas vão no mesmo caminho ..

    Fui ... 11 97644-1342
    Osvaldo Bispo de Beija
  • Hi Osvaldo

    Thank you for reaching out. My Portuguese isn't very good so Im going to ask you to take this in English if possible. Or reach out to local contacts via ,

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
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