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Homosexual propaganda

I was deeply offended to be bombarded by homosexual propaganda from you on YouTube today. I shall not be buying any of your products.
Steve Edwards Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Steve, it's a shame you feel that way.

    We don't view this as 'propaganda' in any way, but simply an artistic expression of Absolut's support for people to be free to love who they choose.

    Absolut has a long, proud history of celebrating diversity, creativity and progress. Openness, equality, freedom and self-expression have always been at the very core of our principles as a brand, and will continue to be.
    John D
  • i don't know about the propaganda but i can assure you that after 20 years of only drinking absolut I can not continue due to the brands support of child abuse in Brazil. The brand had the insane move of defending a "performance art" piece which had 7 year old girls touching and rubbing the nakes body of an adult on stage. They then had the bad taste of equating that child pornagraphy with art. I can tell you i have purchased at least 2 bottles a month but i guess i will go now with a brand who agrees with me that 6 years olds such not be forced to rub the bare body of a stranger on stage. Should be easy to find such brands Absolut= child porn enablers
    Igor pinto
  • Hi Igor,

    thank you again for reaching out. I´ll repeat my answer here just to confirm. Neither we nor Absolut Brazil have any relation to the events you mentioned. As said in previous post; take a look at our latest artist collaboration project here:

    Hope this will answer to your thoughts.

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
  • Just to make sure this is heard internally since I would hate to find out my company did this.

    Absolut didn't sponsor the event. After it came out in the papers that the event featured children touching naked men on stage the whole country was shocked and online protests became frequent.
    On Sept 28, in your official facebook page, the local team came out with a press release where it equates the anger the public was feeling with the conservative or repressive nature of the Brazilian public.Basically saying that restricting children from getting to second base with a 38 year old man was censorship
    The fact that this is not being discussed internally is cause for concern since it seems that your team in Brazil is going off the rails. My recommendation would be to look into this matter before it becomes global knowledge that the brand is siding with this "art" exhibit as I am sure the majority of your consumers, such as myself, do not support child sexual abuse.  Below is the link to one of many articles.

    Best regards, Igor
    Igor Pinto
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