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I'm addicted to Absolut Texas

There has never been a better flavored vodka than Texas flavor!!! I was getting to love Cilantro until I disco Texas. Now I'm addicted and you just have to bring it back!! I've tried making my own but it's not right. Please, please bring it back. I have gone around my state and bought up all the bottles I could find. I mix it with Clamato juice and no other seasonings are necessary!!

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  • Hi Debra,

    Thank you for your message and sharing your thoughts. I will pass it over to our team.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Now you know how I feel!! I switched to the Cilantro also but now the state of Virginia has decided it is not a big seller and has discontinued its sale!! I either have to go out of state to buy it or drink something else. So now I have switched to Effen Cucumber Vodka. Good stuff. Absolute better get on the stick as they are losing sales !!!

    Debra Cassel Cash
  • Please bring back Absolute Texas- it makes the very best Texas Mule!!! Call it what you want but bring it back!! Please!!
    Kirsten Poel
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