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Is Absolut Grapevine still being made?

I have not been able to find Absolut Grapevine anywhere for a number of months now, my local store said they could order it but when I went to pick it up it was Grape, not Grapevine. Is this flavor still being produced?

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  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your interest in Absolut.

    Grape and Grapevine are the same product. The name has changed to provide clarity of the contents.

    Please let me know what country you are trying to find the product in so that I can provide you with a local contact - the team will be able to assist you further.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • I purchased a bottle of the Grape and it is not the same... the Grapevine also contained Dragon Fruit and Papaya, I tasted the new "Grape" and it does not have the same flavors. I am currently checking locally to see if any stores have any left but I would like to say I am very disappointed to hear you have stopped making the Grapevine and replaced it with an altered product. Please consider this a request for Absolut to start making the original Grapevine again, it was a very distinct product that should not have been altered or discontinued!

  • I agree with the above person. It is not the same. It's absolutely disappointing that when I find something I like, it is discontinued. The same thing happened with Red Rum, which was my favorite rum. Disappointed. If you didn't sell enough of it, maybe you should have advertised. Moving on to Skyy Texas Grapefruit I suppose.

    Jo Ann
  • Hi Jo,

    I'm sorry to hear about the disappointment and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    I will share your thoughts with the rest of the team.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Hello,

    I agree with Chris. Absolut grapevine was the best product out there and it's nowhere to be found. I had a third of a bottle left saving it for a special occasion for a year! My sister and I both had our babies in April and June and now we celebrated our new babies with grapevine drinks. The bottle is now empty 🙁 Please bring it back or tell us where to get it. I searched local stores, amazon and ebay and can't find it. Very disappointed!

    Anna R
  • Is absolute grapevine sill being sold? I can not find it any where?

  • Hi Adrienne

    Thank you for reaching out.
    No unfortunately not and that is the reason you cant fint it.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • Grapevine was the absolute best vodka!!!!!!  i would mix it with simple syrup and fresh raspberries and it was the greatest drink ever!!!!  Please bring it back!!!!!!
  • Agreed with Patti - Grapevine was your best vodka and it is very much missed.  Please bring it back.

  • Thank you for sharing. We will forward your inputs to the team.

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
  • I would love to see grapevine come back.  Is there any chance this will happen?
    Stephen W
  • Grapevine was definitely your best flavor and I bought plenty of it... Can't say I've bought much Absolut since this flavor disappeared. Please bring it back!
  • WE HAVE TO HAVE GRAPEVINE BACK!! I make a punch in the summer that is ONLY awesome because it has Grapevine in it.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE at least bring it for summertime!.  Limited edition would sell big time!
    Victoria R
  • YO!! Its summertime in Pa. and I cant get my grapevine. You can't just cut me off. Where's the memo? already bought my umbrellas
  • Hi Bill

    Its still in production but under a new name - Absolut Gräpe.

    Hope that information makes your day 😉

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
  • Hi Magdalena,
    Thanks for the response but the two flavors taste completely different.
    Stephen W
  • Grapevine and grape are not the same!! Grapevine has dragonfruit and papaya as well. But I found some at Trader Joe's today!
  • You found grapevine vodka at traders Joe's?
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