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Is my bottle a fake?


I bought this bottle of Absolut Vodka from a large supermarket chain in Jakarta. It did come with a plastic seal over the lid however I've never seen an Absolut bottle with this kind of red line seal before. The grey LOT number/code has also been scratched off the bottom of the bottle. Does this suggest that the bottle is fake or that it may have been illegally imported?

Thanks for your help.


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  • Hi Georgia

    Thank you for reaching out. You are right, plastic wrap over cap and LOT code should not be damaged and removed, so this bottle is unfortunately fake. Thank you for sharing, I will pass this on to the team so that they are aware of this problem.

    Dont hesitate to get back if you got any further questions.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • Hello I bought this absolut mandrin bottle. I doubt it's fake or real. Could you please reply asap before we open and drink it.

    Shady Smith
  • Hi Shady

    Its hard to tell without seeing the bottle. But please check following: Numbers on the plastic wrap cap cover and LOT code under the bottle should match. The cap or the plastic wrap should not be damaged.

    Hope that will help you

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • Hi guys  bit more of the same I'm afraid, have bought a bottle  of  ab vody in lardos carfore  supermarket in Rhodes Greece  and looking a tad dubious  .After keeping it in the freezer  it appears to have ice crystals  in it ! also can't find number you refer to   to  authenticate  so  think may  have a dodgy one  ,any thought s on where the safest place is in this area to buy  said product  many thanks  San .
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