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Labeling of your bottles

I have high praise for the labeling of Absolute's bottles. Absolutes attention to detail and craftsmanship is superb. I was wondering what type materials Absolute uses for labeling and how it is printed directly onto the bottles.

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  • Hi George,

    I have forwarded this question to my design team and will get back to you shortly.


    Risha M
  • Thank you Risha, I appreciate the reply and am awaiting the answer.


    George Curtis
  • Hi George,

    We use screen printing technique for labeling on our bottles.


    Risha M
  • How can this label be removed? I would like to use the bottle for something else.

  • I have had success in using distilled white vinegar, heated, to remove the blue & black ink from the bottles, but the white "A." on the reverse side is not affected. Is there a way to remove this label for a clear glass bottle??

  • Hi Chrislin

    Thank you for writing to us, I will reach out to our bottle experts and see if I can find an answer for you on how and if its possible to remove the A.

    Thank you for your patience,

    Best regards

    Louise Community Manager
  • Was there ever a reply from the Absolute team as to how to remove the labelling (blue, black and white) from the bottles?  I would like to reuse the bottle for various purposes.  We do pay for the bottle as well as the liquor. I don't see why Absolute makes their labels impossible to remove. Is it really a marketing technique? The shape of the bottle is pleasing and different than most glass bottles, the size is convenient to reuse for various purposes (creatively or for casual use). But unfortunately, I'm not interested in buying their product/bottle if I don't have a choice in reusing it. A shame!
  • Hi Tina

    Im sorry to hear about your problem with removing the logo. For the moment I have no good way to share on how to remove it. I know it has been done by other consumers. Hopefully you can share ideas.

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
  • I have an unopened  bottle of absolut vodka with its blue label printed reversed, what can you say on this?
  • Hi Gilbert

    Hmm, I´ll have to get back to you on this one. Could you send a picture of the bottle.

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
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