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Looking for the sponsorship of charitable dinner


This is a Chinese entrepreneurial team called the crazy house media.

The Shanghai RENDE charitable Foundation, the LOVE-CLOTHING Volunteers Association and we will hold a charitable dinner on June 1.

The theme is “Take Care Of the lonly and Poor Children”.

We will invite 120 celebrities, rich person and some membership of Scuderia Ferrari Club Shanghai  to attend and donate money to the children in Shanghai.

We would like to receive the sponsorship of Absolut Vodka.

We will be grateful if Absolut Vodka can support our event. At the same time, the sign of Absolut Vodka will appear on many medias in China and the celebrities will enjoy them. Absolut Vodka will be the chief partner of our charitable event.

There are some pictures of lonely and poor children in China. They are living in poor and rural areas. Their parents have to go to work in the city and earn money for their families. So they can not live with their parents, very lonely.and they have no money to finish their education, even have no food to eat sometimes. We hope we can do our best to help them. 100 dollars can support their life of a month. So, we will hold the charitable dinner to help them.

You can search “留守儿童” on Google if you want to get more pictures.


CEO of Chinise crazy house media team
Partner of Shanghai RENDE charitable Foundation
Partner of  LOVE-CLOTHING Volunteers Association

Chengyan Song
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