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Love the Mango Vodka

Love the Mango bottles so much I want to use as vases. One problem, I can't get the Absolut name off with anything, I have had my friends drink this product so we can use the bottles for a fundraisng event for children. I know you would like to,leave your name on but I can't advertise vodka at a children's fundraising event. Otherwise, I will have to throw the bottles away which is sad because they are so pretty. Everyone loves the Vodka, it's my ultimate favorite! Thanks.


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  • Hi Karen

    Thank you for reaching out. I don´t have any tips for how to remove the print on the bottle. Maybe someone else has managed to do it and you can try to google it? We are glad to here you like it. Best of luck with the fundraising, hopefully you will find a way to be able to use the bottle.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
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