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Missing the bottle regulator, plastic insert

Absolut is my favorite. Have been drinking nothing but Absolut. Recently noticed the 1.75 are missing the plastic insert or regulator. Have been using the same insert for several months now. Without the insert, I often over poor. I understand your business of me using more, without the regulator, plus added cost to you.  I would really like to obtain some regulators. Can you help me out?
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  • Hi Walter

    Thank you for writing to us. We have experienced some shortage at our supplier of the pourer hence some production have had to be done without the pourer. We do have the pourer in stock now, hence it will come back soon. How soon it will be back in your specific store we can’t answer but hopefully it will be soon enough.

    Best regards
    Louise Community Manager
  • Thank you for your response. Keep up the good work.
    Walter Thomas
  • Same problem !!!
    Would you accept  - oh I don't have enough cash !?!?!

    Sure didn't get a reduced cost from you, so how about sending me one postage PAID!


  • This is good news that the insert will be back soon! I too have been struggling with making sure I take the insert out of the old bottle and put in the new one. With no insert I have plenty of times  overpoured, meaning made drink too strong! or vodka has splashed over the ice and onto the table!  (Made me first time ever seriously think about changing my brand of vodka.)  Come on Absolute! Don't let your loyal customers down!
    Deborah B
  • I was going to write the same post.  It seems like hit or miss on the pourer.  One purchase has it, the next two don't.  I hope you do have this solved as I am now trying to save the previous pourer for future use (most often I forget to save it).  

    Hope your supplier is now back to providing stock.
    Clinton Koker
  • Hi Clinton, yes the pourer is back in stock, but how soon it will be back in your specific store we can’t answer. Hopefully it will be soon enough. :) 

    All the best,

    Louise Community Manager
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