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New recipe for cocktail

As you may have heard, The X-Files will be doing a re-boot on Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 and the series actually has a drink named in its honor made with Absolut Mandarin. I searched, ‘cocktails and mixed drink recipes’, and your site doesn’t list it. I know about the drink because in 2002, The X-File crew had a series finale party at The House of Blues on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. They did a webcast for fans, (which I obviously saw), and the featured drink was, “The Absolut Truth.” I wrote down the complete recipe and yes it’s delicious! I would like to get the complete list of ingredients to the company if interested, or l'm sure you can google it as I did. Being a true X-File fan, I would love to see “The Absolut Truth” included on your Cocktail List!
Tommie Wheeler

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