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The key attributes of ABSOLUT VODKA and its flavors are as follows:
Every drop of ABSOLUT VODKA is created in the same place – Åhus in southern Sweden – in order to guarantee the excellent quality of our product.
The ingredients come from Åhus, the distillation process takes place in Åhus, the product is bottled in and shipped from Åhus. This gives us control over every stage of production, and ensures that each bottle meets our rigorous standards. Most other spirits producers, on the other hand, get their ingredients from a variety of sources, which means that quality, and even taste, can vary from batch to batch.
The story of ABSOLUT VODKA is the story of a Swedish brand that innovates and experiments. A brand that dares to be original and go its own way. It is a story that started 400 years ago in Sweden and continues today – a story that encompasses pioneering distillation techniques, the introduction of distinctive new flavors and more. This strong heritage not only means that we have a tradition of producing superior vodka, but it inspires us to achieve “pure originality” in everything we do.
ABSOLUT VODKA is made from only the purest ingredients. Our winter wheat is grown in the rich fields surrounding Åhus, and it shapes the smooth, full-bodied taste of ABSOLUT VODKA. The result is a distinctively mellow character of grain, followed by a note of dried fruit.
We use winter wheat because it is resilient and sturdy; it allows our farmers to limit the usage of pesticides and fertilizers, which can alter the taste and purity of the final product.
The only way to create a truly pure vodka is to use pure, unexposed well water. With our own deep well, we can ensure that each drop is protected from airborne contaminants, and that the natural balance of minerals remains constant. This means that the water used in our process has not been touched for tens of thousands of years, and is free from unwanted chemicals or artificial purification agents.
Most vodka makers will claim that they distill their product two or five or even ten times over.
Our purifying process, called “continuous distillation”, takes place until each and every drop of ABSOLUT VODKA is completely free from impurities – which means it can be distilled more than 200 times if necessary.
First used by our founder, L.O. Smith, in 1876, this revolutionary process guarantees an unprecedented level of quality and purity.

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