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Partnership request

I would like to know how to engage Absolut as a partner in a very good opportunity to be in place in Brazil. I'm going to open a very interesting and different commercial facility when compared to the others at the same region and also in Brazil where we would like to have a weight partner such as Absolut. I would like to know how to be in touch with you in order to progress with this in case you have any interest. I see Absolut is partner at similar places like mine.
A contact in Brazil to discuss more about that would be great.

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  • Hi Leandro

    Thank you for reaching out. Please contact local team via:

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
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    osama alkhateeb
  • Ho Osama

    Please specify your request so I can try to help you. Also; kindly suggest you to contact local team directly for further advise.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager

    My name is Sebastian and I work with all NA-KD's event. Next week we have the year's biggest main event in Germany, in Cologne with our Instagram influencers as Farina + 20 other bloggers / influensers with 10 million followers! They will post photos of all products and sponsors via social media, would you be to sponsor us with Products?

    Best regards,
  • Dear Sir, I am proud to represent the 1st Antarctic Biennale ( headed by a prominent artist A. Ponomarev that will take place this March. The expedition to the South Pole will unite artists, scientists and visionaries all over the world who seek to address 21st century challenges with new technologies and business models. The goal of the expedition is to embrace such issues as artistic, international and ecological development. In search of new forms of art and interactions the polar explorers will depart from Ushuai in Latin America to arrive at Marguerito Bay and then back to Cape Horn. The expedition will be covered by major media. Works created during the journey will be exhibited on the 57th Biennale D’Arte in Venice in the Antarctic Pavillion. Like any other action of such scale it needs support. Support of those who share the same view and concerns over the future of our planet. Therefore, we address YOU asking for help as company who, we believe, abides by the same principles and ideals. Whatever your decision will be, thanks for your attention.
    Volkova Elizaveta
  • Buenas tardes,

    Soy Sergio, represento a una importadora de artículos luminiscentes, tales como pulseras, gafas, barritas y demás artículos, muy usados en eventos nocturnos, fiestas y discotecas.

    Debido al auge de las fiestas nocturnas, en los últimos años estamos sirviendo nuestros productos de cara a darle un aire mas desenfadado y color a los eventos, donde con la entrada se da un kit de artículos luminiscentes variados.

    Adjunto unos enlaces de pruebas similares en Málaga para que vean el uso que se les da y la aceptación que tiene.

    Adjunto un catalogo de estos artículos.

    Esperando sea de su interés, reciban un cordial saludo.

    601 393 005 Sergio
    Sergio Masgrau Berenguer
  • Hi, i'm managing Dj's and artists for different events and i'd like to collaborate with absolut, who can i write to?

    I'm based in Italy but my Artists are all around, let me know, thank you!
    Albert Sidoli
  • Hi Albert,

    Thank you for reaching out. Please contact local team for further advise:

    Louise Community Manager
  • Hello,

    Who can I contact to request a sponsor in Italy (Lombardia region)?


  • Hi Elena

    Please contact Italy -

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
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