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Please help Belarusian musicians

Good afternoon. We have for you a big man's request-offer. Let's give a chance to the Belarusian underground music!
We are not a beggar and seekers of easy money, no. We are ordinary people who have a dream, but there is a problem which above our possibilities.
Let the matter
We are a group Ferris Wheel.
The team met in 2015, playing ska-punk, ska-core. For the year recorded an album. With us as a part of the ex-musician group Liapis Trubetskoy and the current BRUTTO. Already successfully ride on Belarus, opened the festival Cubana (New Year) in Riga. There is a lot of work and great things, but the group has a problem, the most important right now - it is a question about the delivery of our festivals .. We have a lot) Our family consists of 8 people. We have offers in Finland, Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic, but international tours may be broken due to the precarious financial situation. The goal and dream - to buy transport, affordable minivan in which you could place your logo, and for our part we traveled across the country and made a photo report. Also, the band can write music for your projects. and other profit. While at the moment it is all that we can. We are realists.
Where you can meet with our group:

Thank you for your attention)
Waiting for an answer)
PS If you can not help fully, will be very grateful for any possible assistance. We understand what we are asking a lot ... if we rent a car to tour then we need about $ 500. It's 12 cities, 3 countries. It is very important this tour. We are ready to cooperate

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