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Problem with your bottle caps.

I have been enjoying Absolut Vodka for many years now and the same
problem still persists.
When I freeze my bottle I can not get the screw top off, the metal cap
rotates freely on the plastic liner.
You people should design a cap that is one piece which would eliminate
this problem.

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  • Hi Werner,

    Thank you for contacting us. I apologise for the inconvenience caused and will forward your message onto our team.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • I've been drinking Absolut since it came on the market in the UK (not continuously of course) and the "spinning cap after being in the freezer" problem has always been there. With all these fancy bottle designs you get up to - you still haven't fixed this issue - why?
    By the way, over the years I've tried many many vodkas on the general market and Absolut is still No1 for me - in it's original blue bottle version.

  • Hi Tony,

    Thank you for your message and I apologize for any inconvenience caused. I will bring up t he issue with the rest of the team.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • You KNOW that your customers are going to freeze your vodka, so it would be great if you'd make it a easier to drink! I completely agree with the input about a frozen bottle of Absolut being difficult to open. Check out the bottles for Skye Vodka ~ a MUCH better design! ...just saying....

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