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My younger brothers birthday was just yesterday, and since it was he was turning 18 I thought why not treat him to some of my favorite Liqueur. I'd gone out and purchased him a bottle of the 'Absolut Vodka 700mL' and brought it home. Upon opening it, there was a pretty, hmm how would you describe it. Funky? smell. We took a sip and it tasted absolutely horrid. Don't get me wrong, I my self love Absolut Vodka and all there other products, but this bottle tasted absolutely horrid. I ended up going back to my house and getting one of my half empty bottles and treating him to that. But it had definitely ruined his first experience on Absolut Vodka. I took my faulty bottle back to Liquor Land and they told me to contact you guys here. Hopefully you guys would be able to give me and my brother a hand.

Warm Regards,
Mo Jaffer

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