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Quality SUCKS

I HAVE SWITCHED TO KETEL ONE CITROEN because I cannot depend on quality consistency in Absolut Citroen. Ketel One is zestier and not quite as smooth as the original Absolut that I fell in love with some years ago. But Absolut cannot seem to keep the same quality from one bottle to the next anymore and, at $45 per bottle, I am no longer willing to risk my purchase tasting like rubbing alcohol. WHY has the quality control of Absolut gone so awry?

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  • I drink my vodka straight and over ice. I keep the bottle in the refrigerator, not freezer. Normally, my household goes thru one large bottle ($45 each) per week. With tax, that's some $200 per month. Absolut has lost a good customer because of poor quality control. I have poured Absolut down the drain rather than drink it because it is not what it used to be. WHY is Absolut so indifferent to its customers?

    Sheri Graves
  • Hi Sheri,

    Thank you for providing us with your feedback. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused and will forward your message to our local team in the US.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • I soooo agree with Sheri !!

  • Karen, I am in Northern California, and you may be elsewhere. Point is, I was eventually assured by Absolut that the problem was solved and the next bottle I bought after that was good. I have since bought several bottles of Absolut Citron and they were good. Absolute also sent me a free bottle. However, I never received an explanation for the variance in quality control that prompted me to write in the first place. If you don't get satisfaction from Absolut, try Ketel.
    Sheri Graves

    Sheri Graves

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