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We have a large scholarship evnt in April and would like to look at your company to sponsor the event. Who would I contact we are in ohio.
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  • Hi Katie

    Please contact local team USA -

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
  • hi

    would kindly like to know how can i get sponsorship for my event ?

    kind regards
    Refilwe Ramutumbu
  • My Film company will be doing a red carpet movie premier on March 19,2018 in Dallas, TX and we would like to request your company local representative attend and set up a promotion table with samples. If this is something your company extends as a courtesy please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks in advance

    Roy Richards
    Roy Richards
  • Hello!

    How could I talk about Sponsorship in Brazil?
    On Pernod Ricard site, Brazil isn't listed.

    Thank you!
    Fernando Pinheiro
  • I would like to invite you to be a part of our signature event in celebrating our legacy of leadership and learning in a time of change. The Stepping Stones Foundation, Incorporated, in partnership with Mu Mu Mu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. will hold its inaugural Tri-Mu Open Golf Tournament on Friday, April 27, 2018 at the West Pines Golf Club in Douglasville, Georgia. We are expecting 100+ avid golfers to participate and we are requesting that you join us for this fun filled event.  
    Mu Mu Mu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity Incorporated, affectionately known as “Tri-Mu”, is a community service-based organization which has been serving the west Georgia community (Douglas, Carroll and Paulding Counties) since 2005. The Stepping Stones Foundation was established to further our community service work at local and national levels. Stepping Stones focuses on efforts to provide scholarships for graduating high school seniors and undergraduate students who attain high academic excellence in the west Georgia area. Funds raised at the Tri-Mu Open serve as a major source for those scholarships. Because of continued support by companies like yours, Stepping Stones has awarded over $20,000 in scholarships.  
    Please consider supporting this event by registering at to participate as a single golfer or as a team of four. There are also additional opportunities to market to our patrons based on your interest. Please see attached. If you have any questions, or to confirm your participation, please contact us at the following:

    PO Box 6142, Douglasville, GA 30154 or
    Dion Bartley
  • Hello, I have 2 major music events coming up this summer in Iceland and Croatia.
    Please can I get the best email for sponsorship collaborations for these territories for Pernod?
  • We are having a film premiere on March 8th in Hollywood, CA. and are looking for sponsorship. Who would be the contact person to send further details about the event to?
    Thanks for your reply,
    Martin Blanken
  • Hi i am looking for a contact in Hong Kong to get in touch about sponsorship for a art/club project happening during art basel hong kong with international and local artists.
    Thank you
    Antonie Angerer
  • I’m inquiring to learn more about Absolut's sponsorship opportunities. I’m hosting an event for a diverse group of 150 young professionals in Lexington, KY on April 21st. I feel Absolut’s commitment to community represents the relationships and cultural influence many of our millennial leaders share. I would love to discuss more details on the vision I have for a great partnership opportunity.

    Marcellus Barksdale
  • hello, can we have the Lebanese contact..
  • Hello, I am  producing an event for kids that just just got into college and its going to be by the end of the month in Santiago - Chile, i havent been able to make direct contact with your team over here, any help?
    Hope we can get an Sponsorship for the event
    Nicolás Carafí
  • Hi Absolut Vodka Team!

    My name is Sophie and I represent the International Society at The University of Hong Kong. We have an event for St. Patricks coming soon and I’d like to know who to contact in Hong Kong for possible Absolut Vodka sponsorship opportunities?

  • Hi,
    We at Artist Era an event/artist management company from Bangalore, India would like to collaborate with absolut for music events at some of the most premium night clubs in bangalore. Please refer me to someone who handles marketing/sponsorship in Bangalore.

    Thank you
    shantanu pv
  • Hello,

    I am hosting an Event at a private estate 20 minutes from Coachella this April 13-15th and am requesting contact info for sponsorship of the star studded event?

    Please contact me, Thank You!
    Ace Castellanos
  • Hi Louise

    We are manufacturers and exporters of red chilli pepper from India, we export dry red chilli pepper to Ukraine which is used in the making of Vodka, if any requirement please visit or message +91-8121806944
    Katuri Vijay
  • Good Day

    We as MTE EVENTS have an upcoming major event on the 14th and the 15th of July and we as a collective crew would like you to assist us in branding our event  in other words we are asking you to sponsor us for our event can become a reality with your assistance.

    This event will be held in a stadium for max impact the stadium its self will need branding:

    1. Marketing strategy for you
    2. Selling your products in any way possible
    3. the beers are most likely to be sold on the day


    This event is not just an event their will be FIFA World Cup Viewing from a big screen a few DJ line up that will keep the crowd heated up not just any djs well none djs so your products are most likely to be sold.

    We only see fit to do this event because of our fundraising program toward
     building our multi media center within our community.  

    Kind regards

    Please contact Jay for a full load down of our event and how your products will be sold.
    Contact number:081 343 3317  

  • Hello, Im planning on having an event in August and would like to look at your company to sponsor the event. Who would I contact  in Dominican Republic.
  • Hi, i'm trying to write to your local team here in Italy, but the page of it is not available. Can solve that?
  • My club soccer team is trying to get bigger sponsors this year so we can actually function out of a defect.... Anyways, we need help on how to go about this. run 3  Other clubs are sponsored by people like BB&T Bank, Adidas, British Petroleum, etc. What's the best way to grab a corporate sponsorship for a growing club??
    Alvina Amanda
  • Good day Absolut

    My team and I have a Pop-Up store event we're organizing for November and we would like Absolut to partner up with us in making the event a success.
    Who can we contact in South Africa in order to pitch the idea?

    Kind regards
    Gregory Nicholas
  • jannie
  • Give me your exact address! geometry dash free online.

    jenny han
  • Hello,
    I'm looking to do some events this summer in NJ or NY and wanted to know who can I talk to get sponsorship
    Hec D
  • Muy Buenas Noches, reciban un cordial saludo, la presente es para entregar mi propuesta sobre la solicitud de un patrocinio, espero sea de su gran interes.
  • Hi!
    Please how do I get in contact with absolut Vodka representative in South Africa would love to get sponsorship enquiries.
  • Hi , we are planning an epic opening party for Euro Pride in Sweden and we are seeking sponsorship ...Who should we contact ?
  • Buenos días,
    Espero se encuentre bien, en nombre de LCI Monterrey nos gustaría contar con su apoyo como sponsor para un desfile de modas, el evento tiene fecha el 16 de agosto de este año (2018) en Parque Arboleda, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
    Vero Zentella
  • Hello,

      I am planning a big charity event in Toronto aligned with Redbull Toronto and Harry Cares foundation for kids in Africa. I would be elated if we can get a sponsorship deal with you for the event. Who do I contact in Toronto for more information?
    Nafissa Pinas
  • Good day
    Im from Namibia and would like to find out if I could be sponsored by you for a event im planning . It will be a fashion show..but more also a woman employment fashion show.could I get the email address for such purpose.
  • Good day

    My partner and i are planning an annual event in a local small town in South Africa, this would be the first event thereof and we'd like to get hold of a sponsor for the event as we have great sponsorship deals which could help with brand awareness in and around the surrounding towns and cities where the event would be held.

    Is there anyone in SA that i can contact?
    Kaelo Shuping
  • Hi, im Diego and I am looking to contact the local team for Mexico city to sponsor an event! Can you help me?
    Diego Vega
  • Hi

    KM is a the new clothing line based in Carletonville,South Africa. We are hosting a Fashion Exhibition in September 2018 and we are looking for sponsorship.Please contact me on: email address . cellphone No :+27726542669
  • Hello Louise and Anna,
    I am promoting an enormous Oktoberfest here in the NorthEast of Brazil and am going to serve distilled beverages and cocktails as well (mainly for the ladies). We tested this idea in an OPEN BAR style event during St. Patrick's Day, and it was amazing.
    So I am here to ask if you would like to sponsor our event. I have looked for emails and phone numbers for your Brazil division, to no avail. If possible, please send me direct contact info.
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Wilson Gringo
    Wilson Gringo
  • Hola soy Gabriel Rodríguez represento una empresa de espectáculos en Mexico y estamos planeanod un evento de gran formato en Noviembre, solicito una cita para darles a conocer y ofrecer patrocinios con sus marcas. Mi mail y tel 55238883 el evento es una fiesta electrónica DLDK y será en Arena en CDMX . Gracias
    gabriel rodriguez leal del real
  • Hi i Would Like To have more information for a sponsorship.  In a bar ,we are in montreal who do i contact please my email is
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  • Hi
    Im managing two young upcoming hip-hop artists who are very serious about their music.. And i we where thinking of hosting an event very soon so that we can boasts our funds in order to buy our own equipment.. Who can i contact for a sponsorship...  Thank you 

  • Hi and thank you for writing to us. As we handle all these types of requests locally, I Kindly suggest you to reach out to the local team directly. Please find contact info by market here:

    All the best,
    Louise Community Manager
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