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Sponsorship opportunity

I am writing to you with a unique opportunity.
My friends and I are planning a road trip around America this summer for 3 months. Starting from Vancouver we are planning on traveling down the West coast, across the South, and then back up the East to finish back home in Vancouver. Driving from world-renowned landmarks, cites and sporting events, we are hoping to cover over 6,000 miles of American soil.
So here comes the opportunity…we would like to give you the chance to sponsor us.
I can already sense a ‘sigh’ and a groan of ‘why should we’?
Well, fortunately for you this offer is coming from a car full of well educated, Instagram hot and twitter leaders, who are more than willing to let their friends and followers, bask in the envious energy generated from watching and reading our variety of pictures, videos and posts. Between the 3 of us we can boast;

3 Masters Degrees from UBC
2 PhD Candidates
Varsity athletes at UBC
Visited over 35 countries
Excellent banter

  • 1000 Instagram followers
  • 2000 Twitter followers
  • 3500 Facebook Friends

Photography & Video Background
Contacts & Friends in each continent of the world
+30 years of driving experience

As you can see we can offer you a variety of skills and a large audience at that. We have an average age of 24, with the oldest being 25 and the youngest 23. Regardless of whether your company has already broke into this market, I still feel it can be improved and luckily for you, we are hear to help.

With around 195 travelling hours awaiting us, we are hoping that you could sponsor us with one of your products to make the trip more enjoyable/comfortable. In exchange we will seek to include the product in our videos/blog entries/pictures, and could even write a review if you feel something needs testing.
I know there are people who are far more deserving of your sponsorship, but I am not going to beat about the bush, we are broke. We are all currently working 2 part time jobs, studying full time and still manage to fit in our varsity sporting commitments. Any sort of sponsorship of your product would be appreciated and we would be more than happy to meet you over a potential deal.
Finally, thank-you for taking the time to read this, we hope to hear from you soon and we do honestly appreciate any sort of sponsorship that you could make available for us.

Chris Taylor Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your message and thinking of Absolut.

    Unfortunately, we do not usually sponsor such requests. However, I have attached the contact details for your local market. They will be able to assist you further.

    I wish you a great trip.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Dear Potential Sponsor,
    (Product sponsorship)

    "Word on the Street Radio" invites you to become a sponsor for our radio talk show. We broadcast live every Thursday from 9-11pm (LIVE VIEWING) viewable on search by name. and able to be heard on TUNEINRADIO. We are a show who features current and upcoming talents of all aspects but predominately music artists. For example we've interviewed the likes of comedians, actors, dancers, independent directors, etc but mostly music entertainers.

    The show consist of two host and a live Dj. Each show we try to feature a artist(etc) and female guest cohost usually an exotic dancer, bottle waitress/bartender, model, pornstar for example. We allow guest to interact with there fans through live calls with Q&A's ......
    What we want to do with your company  sponsors is promote the item on set and give shout outs all throughout the show. Ex: today's show is sponsored by ____  and you can find it at ___. Just as a way to get your name out there. The show should be a huge success and can be view worldwide. So if this is something you maybe interested in let me know ASAP???.....

    You can also check out clips from our previous shows on our Instagram @word_on_the_street_radio  ... you can also contact me directly via text or call at 5165313841

    Anthony davis
  • Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your message and interest in Absolut.

    I will pass on your details to the team.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • "Take a walk with the Wilson sisters" will like for you to sponsor them.

    They are sisters that walks on every Saturday discussing special topics. They also go live on Wednesday nights for the adult topics from 8-9.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Shaqanna Mckoy
  • Hi Shaqanna

    Thank you for writing to us. Please share with us in which country you live so that we can give you contact information to local market.

    Best regards

    Louise Community Manager
  • Hello the country we line in is the United States. Thanks for your response.

    Shaqanna Mckoy
  • Excuse me "live"

    Shaqanna Mckoy
  • Hi Shaqanna

    Yes! So please reach out to our local team:

    All the best,

    Louise Community Manager
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