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Sponsorship Request

To whom should we submit a sponsorship proposal for an event we are hosting?

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  • Dear Paul,

    Thank you for the message. Please find the contact information of the local office in your country via the following link

    All the best,

    Galya K
  • Hi Im hosting a hip hop event and I want you to help me make it epic

  • Hi Tsholofelo

    Okey, Sound fun! Can you please tell me where, so I can provide you with local market contact info.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • Greetings, I am organisin an awareness event about dangers of drinking and driving during the festive season in Durban. I will be happy to have you guys on board

  • Hi Bongani

    Thank you for reaching out. I kindly suggest you to contact our local team:

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • greetings , how do I get you guys to sponsor an event we hosting, its about promoting local brands and honouring local talent .

    It would be great to have you as a sponsor.

  • Hi

    First we need to know where you live or where the event is supposed to take place. Then we can help you get the information you need to contact your local Absolut team. Please get back to us.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • Hi, the event will be hosted at Gauteng Pretoria showground South Africa .It is aimed at honoring local brand and talent.

  • Thank you for getting back to us.

    Please find your local contact via:

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • Good day

    I'm the editor of PLATFORM magazine a youth magazine launching in June 2017 in Khayelitsha Cape Town, South Africa.

    I have been trying to get hold of Penord-Ricard Sbusiso -Head of Marketing for the following 3 requests:

    1. I would suggest that we run a series of ads focusing under age drinking and responsible drinking, positioning Pernod Ricard as a good corporate citizen

    2. Indirectly promote your brand through advertorial focusing on Corporate Social Investment, Internships, Job opportunities, enterprise development opportunities and other initiative you might have.

    3. Be a partner-sponor on the launch of the magazine which will include a small dinner a day before the launch with the media, business sector, Khayelitsha Business Forums, City of Cape Town, and other.

    The partner sponsor could be in a form of product. Pernod Ricard will get a speaking opportunity and all branding exposure.
    Kindly advise
    Thank you
    Sindile Mavundla
  • Hi Sindile

    Please try to contact local team in SA for further advise:

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
  • Hey!

    My name is Darius Brodesser, a videographer based out of Miami Beach, FL. My business partner, KC Fritz, and I wanted to reach out to discuss the opportunity for a potential partnership with your brand on our six stop Caribbean Tour for the month of June! Below we attached a quick glimpse of our most recent work for you to reference.



    Here is a general outline of what we have planned for our trip...

    We are planning to visit the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, The British Islands, Aruba, The Cayman Islands, and Cuba throughout the upcoming month. We intend on creating some of the most exotic and unique content on the market right now. We want to help push your brand towards more of a lifestyle-oriented content base rather than depending on the outdated commercial style.

    On our adventures, we are traveling across the world staying at luxury resorts and we would love to extend the invitation for your brand to join us on this journey.

    Collectively as videographers we have a combined reach of +30k followers, with well over +750k impressions on a weekly basis, and growing rapidly. Additionally, we are bringing along two other social media influencers.  Erika and Emma who are both signed models here in Miami, as well as Los Angeles. Both accounts have a great outreach and incredible engagement rates with impressions reaching upwards of a million a week! Feel free to check their socials out as well.

    I’ve attached links to all of our social platforms for your convenience below:


    Casey Fritz - 


    Darius Brodesser - 


    Erika Wheaton - 


    Emma Simmons - 

    Our overall goal is to help your brand create social first content. We want to help you revamp churn rates, website, and email bounce rates while creating high quality and relevant content that will allow you to target the growing millennial market through social media.

    We look forward to teaming up with you and your brand in the near future!



    Darius Brodesser
    Darius Brodesser
  • Hello,
    My company will be celebrating its 17th Anniversary, in the travel agency business.  We will have around 300 people attending this event from clients to  our airline representatives.  
    The event is Los Angeles, CA around one month from now.  
    Hope we can work together

    Thank you
    Sam Carranza
  • Am Dj mac am and i host party but now i wanna Make a big event whereby it will Empower the youth ... with different type of music all i need is sponsorship with a Redbull Stage for free and Redbull Drinks will be sold at the venue to benefit RedBull date 1st September 2017
  • Greetings Devon here,

     I am a national/international marketing consultant of various of clients. Currently I have two clients I am inquiring about an event-filled multi-cultural festival weekend for over 6+ years within certain destinations, one located in TX and the other Dominican Republic.  Most of the events will be held with on and off premise accounts with visibility placement opportunities and celebrity performances.

    1. The majority of our clients are ad agency based within digital platforms of 30 million+ would focusing on 21+ age responsible drinking, positioning Pernod Ricard as a Tidal Sponsor

    2. Advocacy and Placement Opportunities within venues indoor/outdoor locations, impressions via all social media & app platforms 30 million+, digital impressions via magazines, passes, invitations, on site plasma screens.  

    3. Opportunity to highlight activations with new product features and promote to increase market-share real-time integration for signature cocktails and POS with supplier to consumer.  

    I would like to further communicate with someone from the supplier directly because in market distribution decision makers does an ABSOLUTE horrible job when it comes down to communication and response time.

    To add, is there a cut off time for proposal submittals for May 2018? We would like to get over our portfolio of events over to your decision maker in a timely manner to see which events are more suitable for ABSOLUT's direction for 2018.

    Futhermore, if interested I would like to provide certain sponsorship proposals/decks over to whom may I send this information?

    Warmest Regards,

  • Good day

    I would like to find out if Absolut Vodka would be in a position to sponsor an artist who wants to shoot a music video. The artist is based in Port Shepstone, KZN and he has a hiphop song out. I am assisting him to get a sponsor for to be able to shoot a music video. Is this possible from your side?
    Sikho Nqambi
  • greetings , how do I get you guys to sponsor an event i'm hosting, its about promoting local brands, young entrepreneurs and honouring local talent. event will take place on 25 november 2017 this year its our second year we hosting it at kwaggafontein stadium Empumalanga
    It would be great to have you as a sponsor.
    sbusiso mgidi
  • I'm Emihle Stephans from Sound String Universal Entertainment growing Company.We have variety artist & we would like you to sponsor us.Every Event/Music Video we make our artist would also advertise your brand.
  • Hi
    My name is Thabang from Johannesburg  and I've recently started a production and events company called Quintus Pictures and I was hoping to you as Absolute vodka can sponsor my first ever opening event which will take place in March 2018.
  • Thank you all, please reach out to your local team for further advice regarding sponsorships and collaborations.

    Best regards,
    Louise Community Manager
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