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Street Food Circus - Small Local Festival - Street Food - Drinks Music

‘Small Local Festival ’
                                          – Marrickville Nov. 2017
Bringing the Music to the Food
Street Food Circus an independent street food, music and performing arts 'Shindig' within the heart of Marrickville, it's set to take place on the grounds of Fraser Park, The Sydney Community Portugal Club this November but we need your help to make sure we can do it all over again.We created SFC to bring a rotating nomadic gathering of great artist’s great food and fun people together in a safe and peaceful environment. Our focus is on new and exciting music. We’ve got a bit of everything from 70’s 80’s 90’s old-school funk groove to disco beats, circus performers, great live bands and performance art. Accompanying the music we’ve selected a collective of the best street food trucks, brews and dessert stalls in Sydney to tuck into.

We don’t have any outside investors so we really need your support now because without your early support Street Food Circus won’t happen. We love the amazing community vibe that SFC harnesses. We hope to put on another great show and we’d like you to be part of it. Right now we’re in lockdown programing the new show but we need your help to guarantee it’s a success second time around. With pledges from you and others, we get the funds to deliver a great weekend day with some great entertainment and you get to be part of the Street Food Circus community supporting Live Music.

For YOUR support we can forward a package for you perusal with benefits for our partners. We look forward to your reply and interest.
Check out our video of 2016

Our contact details as follows:


Cheeky Italian Pty Ltd
Street Food Circus
Sam Zagami
0414 860 936.


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