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Sulphites and preservatives

There are no sulphites or preservatives in any ABSOLUT products.

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  • Is it still correct that there are NO sulphites or preservatives in ANY Absolut products?

  • Hi,

    Yes the above information is still correct.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Why does Absolut Vodka give me heart palpitations if there are no sulphites and no preservatives in it ?

    Angela Blake
  • Angela - I have heart palpitations from sulfites, too, and it is quite the odyssey. I suspect that I have some alcohol intolerance to go along with the sulfite problem. Do you have any problem with palpitations from just grain alcohol? I was going to buy some Absolut but, in reading your post, I'm skeptical about being able to drink it. What a bummer. Have you tried non-sulfite wine? Can you tolerate that? If not, perhaps you have some alcohol intolerance too. I'm really interested in hearing your response. : > )

  • I tried another brand of Vodka, and not had palpitations, must be something in Absolut that disagrees with me

    Angela Blake
  • Angela,
    Could you name the brand you found to which you have no problem? This sulfite stuff is really weird. Hard to diagnose as some of the reaction comes one or two days after ingesting a substance. As you know, a lot of trial and error.

  • I bought Smirnoff and haven't had a problem

    Angela Blake
  • I have developed itch on my neck at hairline. Scratching then makes scabs. So stopped using shampoo with parabens and sorbate. ok for a while, but it's back again.  I now wonder if it's sulfites in wine, which can cause itching.  Is there another alcoholic drink without sulfites?
  • Hi Neecie

    Thank you for reaching out. There are no sulphites in Absolut Vodka.

    Best regards

    Louise Community Manager
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