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Thankyou so much

Hi team, i just wanted so say thankyou so much for vanilla Absolute. I love it and i wont drink anythong else. Im 48 and have finally found a drink that i am not allergic to and that does not 6 flare up my excema. The histamines in a lot of alcohol means that i feel like socially inadequate until i foung Absolute about 5 a year ago. Thank you so much for your recipe and deliciousness.

Jenny Bevan Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for your message and interest in Absolut.

    I will share your feedback with the rest of the team.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • I really liked the video of the older people who were celebrating the return of their friend Tom. Lately I've been consumed with work and every day stresses, this video reminded me I need to have fun every now and then. Life is too short. Thanks

    Ruben Rodriguez
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