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Where has the plastic pourer gone?

I am a huge fan of Absolute.  I too have a problem removing the cap when the bottle has been in the freezer but I find that if you warm the cap with you hand for a short while, it will be removable.  It would be nice if you could fix this problem......
The reason I am contacting you is I recently purchased six bottles from the New Hampshire State Liquor Stores and each of these six bottles are missing the plastic insert that normally is found in the next of the bottle.  Was this a manufacturing defect or are you guys starting to ship 1.75 litter bottles without the insert?  
Keep up the great work.
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  • Hi Ron

    Thank you for writing to us. We’ve recently experienced some shortage at our supplier of the pourer hence some production have had to be done without the pourer.

    We do have the pourer in stock now, hence it will come back soon. How soon it will be back in your specific store we can’t answer but hopefully it will be soon enough.

    Louise Community Manager
  • I hope you get it back soon, much easier to pour.
    John M. Veltri
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