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Why the strange names?

We are an international brand and by combining a premium product and going our own way in the market we have reached acknowledgement.
The thread goes through everything we do and the name is a central point for a product and how it is perceived. ABSOLUT is always looking for the extra – a thought, a smile or a surprise. ABSOLUT is sold worldwide and a flavour or taste can have many different names and spellings. For that reason we have chosen our own variation. ABSOLUT KURANT, has a meaning in Swedish and no direct meaning in English or any of the international languages.
The name, ABSOLUT KURANT, resembles the English black currant, but also alludes to the brand’s Swedish origins. The taste of ABSOLUT KURANT is smooth and mellow, with a fruity black currant character and a hint of tartness. Black currant is a unique Swedish vodka flavor and a tribute to the brand’s Swedish roots.

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  • Hi is this the case for all the flavours? I'm currently writing my dissertation on Absolut vodka at University in the UK. Citron, Peppar and Rasberri, does Absolut copyright these names, and do they all hold resembelance to Swedish words? I would appreciate some inside knowledge

    thank you

    Georgie Tinkler
  • Hi Georgie,

    Thank you for your message.

    Absolut does have copyright over all the names. I will get back to you shortly with information about the Absolut names and their resemblance to Swedish words.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
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