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Wild Tea

I'm distraught. Since receiving as a gift for my 21st birthday less than 9 months ago, I've been an avid fan of Absolut Wild Tea. Every party, holiday, or gift I plan I turn to Wild Tea as the essence of me. I turn even my most skeptical friends onto its unique sweet flavor. Having solidified my last bottle from any local store I am forever without my most favored. I can only equate this negligence on the Absolut brand for discontinuing this flavor as a temporary lapse in judgment and drift away from the millennial market. If there is anything I can do to bring this happiness of mine back into my local marketplace I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. Thank you, Cait.


  • Hi Cait,

    Thank you for your message and interest in Absolut.

    It's great to hear your a fan of Absolut Wild Tea. I'll forward your thoughts to the rest of the team.

    Kind regards,

    Jake D
  • Is Wild Tea discontinued? It is also my favorite and can't find it anywhere.

    F Glass
  • Hey,

    Could you please confirm what region you are in?


    Jake D
  • Has it really been discontinued? I was staying hopeful because I was told this a year or so ago and it came back in a different bottle. Now I can't find it again and have been tol it was one of the flavors recently discontinued. Why??? Best flavor ever and always srlling out locally (cockeysville, Md) so it was definitely popular.

  • Hi Tabitha,

    Please excuse our late reply. We have forwarded your question to our US team for them to follow up directly. Don't hesitate to contact us back if questions come up.


  • Is Wild Tea no longer available in the UK?
    Nobody seems to stock it anymore. Can you tell me if it's been discontiinued?

    It's a big favourite of mine. Please bring it back!

  • Hi LS

    Sorry to be the one to tell it to you, but yes, Absolut Wild Tea is disconnected. We will pass your feedback on to the team. Who knows what the future might bring.

    Best regards,

    Louise Community Manager
  • I am another huge fan of Wild Tea vodka -- since PF Chang's introduced us to the "black tea gimlet," it's been our favorite cocktail. But I haven't been able to find any of the key ingredient here in Massachusetts in months.

    Please bring it back!

  • I just bought my last bottle back in March, love this flavor and am SO disappointed that it is no longer available.  What can be done to get this back, big favorite of mine and my family.
    Kim Weber
  • Hi Kim! Thank you for sharing. I will forward your feedback reg Absolut WIld Tea to the team. Cant promise you anything.

    All the best,
    Louise Community Manager
  • If you have discontinued the Wild Tea. Then why do you still list it as one of your products.l
  • I have LOVED this wild tea vodka beyond words and had no hint that it would soon be gone.  I am distraught over the decision to discontinue this and beg that you reconsider!!!
  • I've been obsesses with Wild Tea vodka but can't find it anywhere any more.  I understand it has been discontinued.  With so much interest, I sure hope you consider bringing it back.  I would buy a case!
    Kim Nicholson
  • please bring back this beloved flavor!!!! it is so good i can't believe it's actually alcohol get rid of some of the other bad flavors like peach or "pepper" flavored. who actually wants that?? i'm very disappointed that y'all have gotten rid of a flavor that is widely loved and kept nasty ones in its place.
  • Please, Bring back the wild tea vodka. I need this to make my favorite cocktail.
  • Soooo upset it’s no longer being made! This was my standard go to for any party and a huge favorite in the fig martini I would make. Please reconsider! It was amazing. The only drink many of my friends would request. 🙁
    Why on earth would you get rid of it?
  • Is the Wild Tea available anywhere on this planet?

  • Bring it back!!!!  This was a staple in my house 🙁
  • Thank you all for sharing your interest of Absolut Wild Tea. We will share your requests with the team and cross our fingers that if will be put back in production sometime in the future.

    Louise Community Manager
  • I too am a big fan of the Wild Tea flavor! It was my favorite!! If you can put it back on the shelf can you tell us how to make it?
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